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    May 27th of every year in Nigeria is set aside for the celebration of childhood. The idea to set aside a special day for children around the world was originally mooted by Rubab Mansoor, a child in the eighth grade, however it was first proclaimed by the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in 1925 and then given global prominence in 1954.
    However, Nigeria choose May 27 as the official date to mark Children’s Day in response to a call from the United Nations to member states to set aside a day to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children, initiate action to benefit, and promote world’s children and celebrate childhood.
    In view of the above, Azaiki Public Library never lag behind in such events as this, and thus, to commemorate with children in the city of Yenagoa, our Library hosted Private schools around the city of Yenagoa.
    The event started exactly 11 am, with all guests fully present. The children’s day celebration at Azaiki Public Library featured programmes such as: Debate, chaired by Mr. Gad-Principal Cedar Court British International School, Spelling Bee’s chaired by Jennifer Arinze while Emmanuel Eze was time keeper. And a special aspect of the Programme was the CAKE COMPETITION. Invited schools were ask to come with cakes which was specially baked by students of the same schools, and a panel of Jury was set for screening of cake. The juries comprised: Mr. Charles Vitus from Emperors Property, Mr. Sergii Derevianko, International Director of Azaiki Public Library, Mr. Gad-Principal Cedar Court British International School and Mr. Bartholomew Okeke, Azaiki Public Library. At the end of their examinations of Cakes, Rhema Heritage International School, Yenagoa was declared winner of Azaiki Public Library-Children’s Day 2015 Cake Competition; the yardstick to measure winner was cumulative of Creativity, Originality, Aesthetic, Taste and all of these was present in the cake baked by the winner.

    The children really enjoyed themselves with the huge sense of belonging accorded to them at the Library.

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