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    Book Title:Losers and Winners, Saints and Sinners.
    Book author : GREG LAURIE
    What can one do to be a winner a in life? Is it random ? Is it simply something we were born with or without? “NO’ says Pastor Greg Laurie. Anyone can be a winner. We just need the faith and determination to pick ourselves up after adversity knocks us down.
    In this engaging and thought-provoking look at some well-known biblical saints and sinners, tells us about those who stumbled in their spiritual race. Though some fell and failed while others picked themselves up and tried again, knowing they weren’t perfect but wanting to honor God by being the best they could be. Some succeeded, some didn’t. For example:
    1. King Saul had the means to be greatest of kings but failed miserably. Defying God and resorting to intended murder, he never came close to his finishing race.
    2. Elijah was a man who stumbled and struggled with feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness but kept going. In the end he became a perfect model of God’s power over adversity.
    3. Joseph could have failed before he even began his race. Yet, despite incredible odds, he rose to become on of God’s most celebrated winners.

    Book available at the Azaiki Public Library, Yenagoa

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