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    Book Title:An abused child’s conflict from silence ( rescued from Epic Abuse)
    Book author : RUSS RYMER.

    When a young girl and her mother wandered into a welfare office in Los Angeles in November 1970, it marked the end of thirteen years of terrible abuse. “Protected” by her deranged father the girl, GENIE, she had spent her entire childhood strapped to a chair in the back bedroom of a virtually silent suburban House. She was small and withered with a shuffling walk, she showed no perception of heat and cold, and she could barely speak.
    Her emergence to the world created great excitement among scientists of all description, but especially linguist. Here was an opportunity to study a child who had grown up without language or any Form of social training. She was an unusual and special gift, for she might provide answers to their unresolved questions about how the human brain acquires language and what it means to be human.

    Book available at the Azaiki Public Library, Yenagoa

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