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    The Second Edition of the ISCEST Journal has been published, Information on how to get copy/copies will be communicated shortly.
    Papers in the 2nd Edition of the Journal Includes;
    Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite & Macleans A. Geo-JaJa. “Promoting African Languages and Knowledge in Schools As a Human Right in Development Aid”
    Kwok Pui Ki Patricia. “Obstacles of and Suggestions to Achieving “Learning for All” in Africa: Malawi as a Case Study”
    Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu, Chioma Nworgu, Helen Nworgu & Steve Azaiki. “Examining the reasons black male youths give for committing crime with reference to inner city areas of London”
    Kosmii Olena & Dramaretska Larysa. “Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Ukraine”
    Obire Omokaro & Aguda Monday. “Impact of Human Activities on the Bacteriological Quality of Koko Creek in Nigeria”
    Pikovskyi M.Y., Azaiki S.S. & Kyryk M.M. “Gray Mold Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Ukraine”
    Nrior R. R. & Adiele P. “Microbial-Aerosol contamination in a University Campus in Port Harcourt, Nigeria”
    Nrior R. R. & Obire O. “Toxicity of domestic washing bleach (Calcium hypochloride) and detergents on Escherichia coli”
    Shade Babalola. “Strategies for improving the employability skills and life chances of youths in Nigeria”
    James Ogunleye. “Predictive Analytics As Applied to Big Data: Considerations for Analytics Teams”
    Paper Submission Deadline for Presentation and Publication in December 2015 (3rd Edition of ISCEST Journal) is 30th September 2015
    Paper Submission Deadline for Presentation in December 2015
    and Publication in July 2016 (4th Edition) is 30th October 2015.
    Visit www.iscest.org for more details.

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